Repairs & Maintenance

Alberta Fire Gear Cleaning is laundering and repair facility located in Thorsby, Alberta. We specialize in cleaning emergency service PPE including firefighter turnout gear using the current NFPA 1851 procedures.

We provide a basic inspection after every cleaning whether your gear sent for an advanced inspection or not. We wash the turnout liners and outer shells in two separate washing machines to avoid cross contamination.

Our washers are designed specifically for cleaning fire turnout gear and emergency service PPE. We wash with cleaning agents designed specifically for decontaminating fire turnout gear and emergency service PPE.  This includes the removal of blood and other body fluids, oil, tar, grease, diesel, gasoline and many other hazardous exposures.

Basic inspections follow all cleanings to determine any wear or damage that requires repair. Advanced inspections is required once every 12 months by NFPA 1851 to test any wear or damage done to the moisture barrier and thermal liner.

Why Choose Us

All repairs and alterations are performed using materials and components that are compliant with NFPA 1851. At our facility we offer a wide range of repairs and alterations.

When shipping your gear please fill out a Maintenance Request Form with each set or item to be serviced. Also, it is important to bag each set/item separately to prevent cross contamination.

If you are sending gear for repairs only please make sure each item has been cleaned prior to shipping. If we feel the gear still is not clean, for the safety of our repair team, we will clean it and charge for the service. Also, please contact us before you ship to let us know what is coming and to set up an account if you do not have one yet.

All repairs require a Maintenance Request Form to be filled out and sent with the ensemble prior to any repairs.

We are a cleaning facility that specializes in cleaning, inspecting, and repairing firefighter turnout gear to NFPA 1851 and 1971 standards.  We also provide cleaning services for wildland coveralls, service uniforms, and many other emergency service PPE that may require decontamination.‚Äč